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"You should be a stand-up comic!"
How many times have your friends and family said that you're so funny that you should be sharing your sense of humor onstage with everyone? But trying to do stand-up is a scary prospect, right? Let our class take all of the scary out of doing stand-up! This 10 week class will give you a basic, usable tool-kit for creating your own well-received stand-up comedy routines. You can save yourself years of painful experimentation and go straight for the funny.

In ten weeks you will learn how to take your thoughts, experiences, and observations about life and blend them with your unique sense of humor to produce brilliant stand-up comedy. And you'll finish the class with a live performance at a comedy club! As you can see from the students' testimonials below - the class is fun, supportive, and inspirational. Stand-up is a valuable showcase for actors and performers, and an empowering form of self-expression. For more information, please call 323-251-1286 or e-mail at ComedyClass <at>

The next class session ranges from September to December. Each week, there will be one class session and a required rehearsal session. The price of the class is $650 [with a flexible and easy payment plan available]. Your comedy club performance will take place on the final class date. All levels of performers are welcome!

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Here are a few clips of my students first showcases. After only 10 weeks.

Traci Stumpf

Sarah Sweet

William Conklin

Eric Hahn


Our Alumni include:

*Daniel Leary-headliner/Emmy-winning writer on Ellen Degeneres' TV show, *Angie Greenup- host of "The Doctors" and "It's Effin Science" on the G4, *Amir Talai- star of CBS' sitcom "The Ex-list," "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" *Nina Manni- writer MTV's "Disaster Date," *Chris Brown writer "Friends," *Monrok Kornom winner of California's Funniest Female/ winner of The Laugh Factory's Fresh Faces Contest/Last Comic Standing, *Minnie Goode cast "Punk'd," "Reno911," *Alan Aymie - official selection HBO Aspen Comedy Festival/winner best play- AAPEX, *Ian Kelk- winner HaHa Cafe Comedy Contest, *Jason Canning winner of Laugh Factory's Fresh Faces Contest, *Simcha Levenberg- opening for Matisyahu, Jim Dubenski- writer "Kath and Kim," *Liliana Cervantes- winner of the Haha Cafe Comedy Contest Finals, Gabriella Francis- winner of the Haha Cafe Comedy Contest Finals, PK/Paul Kim - host of the Laugh Factory and winner of Ice House Superbowl of Comedy Contest, *Justine Marino host of Comedy Juice at The Improv, *Marie Therese Abou-Daoud -NBC Standup for diversity Finalist /Amman Standup Festival Finalist, *Abbey Londer - opening for Norm Macdonald/HBO Aspen Showcase, *Amanda Marks- Key Arts Award winning copywriter, *Amanda Ireton- MTV host and reality star, *Jackie Gold writer for the CBS diversity showcase/HBO Aspen Showcase, *Anzu Lawson actor "Til Death," Criminal Minds," "Without a Trace,"*Gina Grad- radio host w/ Adam Carolla and "The Pretty Good Podcast," Laura Park - USO tour headliner, *Laurenne Sala (Huffington Post, creator Taboo Tales), *Jonathan Caren- award winning playwright (NY Fringe) *Dr. Reef Karim- guest on Chelsea Lately, Oprah, Larry King, *Bart Kwan (JustKiddingFilms), Ian Owens- winner 2011 HaHa Caf´┐Ż Comedy Contest ... and many many more.


"After taking Gerry's class, I am doing shows at the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd., at the World-famous Hollywood Improv, and many other locations. There are a lot of people who claim that they can teach you how to do standup comedy, but Gerry Katzman actually knows how to do it. The class environment is friendly and non-threatening. Gerry's class can save you from years of failure on stage! He eases you into the world of standup comedy in a way that makes it far less daunting than it can be without the proper guidance. He is friendly and always approachable, and he is a paid, performing standup comedian. Why learn from anyone else? If standup comedy is what you want to do, than this is the class you have to take!"

Alex Kleiger - TV Host, actor, comedian


"I took Gerry's class, I started performing as a standup comic, I got connections because people saw me as a standup comic and I'm working because of it."

-Daniel Leary, headliner, Emmy-winning writer for "Ellen"


"This class lead me directly to my hosting career. If I hadn't learned standup- I can't imagine how I could have ended up hosting 2 TV shows! Gerry's class will give you the supreme confidence in yourself that you need for this kind of work, and it's the confidence that comes from knowing you can truly be funny."

-Angie Greenup - "It's Effin Science" on G4 and "The Doctors" and "Smashcuts" on CBS


"Within weeks of taking Gerry's class- I performed my first show at The Ice House to marvelous audience response. Many more gigs have followed and the exposure has been terrific for my career as a performer. Gerry's class is fun, supportive, and outright confidence building. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to make people laugh."

Mike Sharman- actor, comedian


"As a Disney Channel host from the UK, stand up comedy has opened my eyes to a world of incredible and exciting opportunities here in LA. To find a class like Gerry Katzman's (who I'd like to add is the most generous and inspirational teacher I have met here) where you have a safe and fun environment to practice stand up is golden. I'm already signing up for a 3rd class, I love it."

Jason Canning - actor, TV host, comedian


"Gerry Katzman's class has been revelatory for me. He opened up a process of writing and presentation that I could never have dreamed of. My confidence is back and I feel truly competitive, once again. This class can help the novice performer as well as the more seasoned pro whose looking for an edge. He teaches you how to work in a group, take what you've learned and experienced and bring out the best. I could not be the funnyman that I am without him."

Craig Spivek - comedian


"This class has changed my life. I came in with a bunch of disorganized ideas and in eight weeks I came out with a solid five minute set good enough to perform anywhere. A lot of Gerry's students are already working at comedy clubs and they are extremely helpful and inspiring. Not only is Gerry a wonderful teacher but he fosters an environment of cooperation and support that I have not experienced in many other classes. Gerry is especially good at bringing out the best in each and every person. I recommend this class to anyone that dreams of being a stand-up comedian or anyone who is ready to discover something in themselves they did not know they had."

Liza Fernandez - actress, producer


"This has been my favorite class that I've taken in LA, (and I've either audited or taken nearly every acting class in town.)  I had always loved watching standup, and had (too long) fantasized about doing it, but was terrified and had no idea where to start.  Last night, my amazing class had our showcase, and many of us have already been invited to perform at The Comedy Store!  It's easy to forget the intense connection that made us all choose to become performers- standup helps you remember it."

-Caroline White, actress, performer, photographer

"Gerry Katzman is a truly gifted coach. After attending just one of his showcases; I knew that he was my key to success. Every other comedy coach I worked with before, had left me feeling lost, hopeless, and with many questions. Gerry created an informed, supportive, fun, and creative environment. After completing his 8 week class I was confident, I had found my voice, and I was given priceless connections in Hollywood. I finally was given a formula for writing, that allowed me to be original, personal, and yet relatable to all kinds of audiences. I have seen him take a person with no obvious talent, and help them create a compelling act. I've also seen people with skills come in, and leave his class as amazing performers. He makes you feel like you're not in it alone, and leaves you with a support system so many comedians never get. He enjoys what he does, and loves each of his students for who they are. He has a rare and brilliant vision that anyone would be lucky to be touched by."

Amanda Ireton - actor, comedian (MTV)


"I've done stand-up on and off for years, eventually stopping because I just felt empty doing it. Through Gerry's class I learned that real true feelings that are deep inside us are actually universal truths. Gerry guides us to write about our honest feelings, taking our stand-up to an incredible level. I started writing about who I am right now, in the moment. Really looking inside of myself and seeing who I was- was at first scary, then empowering. Performing stand-up has become fulfilling, and because my jokes are written from my heart and everyone's heart, they are more than funny, they are powerful. Power takes away fear, leaving the audience relaxed, engaged, and bursting with laughter. Thank you Gerry for taking my both comedy and myself to a new level."

Laura Park - actor, comedian, solo-show performer (NY Fringe Festival)


For more information, please call 323-251-1286.